Raising awareness of the impact of plastic, educating the next generation and encouraging the use of recyclables, Mbuni aims to break the cycle of needless ‘back to school’ shopping plastic.

The global education system continually invests in plastic stationary supplies designed to be thrown away. Mbuni is here to educate the next generation and lead on sustainability. A partnership with MBUNI will not only develop  student’s knowledge on ethical sustainability but also provides the opportunity to connect and support with other schools and children less fortunate.


  • Brand Logo
  • Naming
  • Fonts, Colours & Guidelines
  • Visual ID
  • Social Content

The Client

“Truly a pleasure working with Penta to create a visualy striking identity and visual platform for us to build upon.”

Penta partnered with Mbuni to create their new identity, we wanted to create something fluid, vibrant and open to interpretation, a design platform that reflected the playfulness aspects of learning and a bright future full of positivity and strong messaging.

We continue to develop the visual identity moving into 2020 as Mbuni continues to work on real global change. Go get em.